Environmental Services/Projects

Seaside water headworks plant: Remove alder trees near waters edge to allow for conifers to thrive.  This removed a large percentage of the leaves from getting into the water which in turn drastically reduced the amount of chemical treatment needed for the water.

Colwort Creek Fort Clatsop/Columbia River Estuary Task Force.  We were on site first to prep the ground by mowing all the bunch grass and vegetation to allow for the excavation of the site to provide salmon habitat


Army Corps of Engineers Tongue point superfund site, we annually mow this property to aid in the ongoing maintenance of the well heads and have also helped to the digging to decommission non-active wells







Reed Ranch Clatsop Plains   We used a forestry mulcher to remove mature scotch broom and restore the natural dune area back to butterfly and pasture land.



Oregon State Parks   Scotch  Broom and Himalayan blackberry removal with forestry mulcher